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Easy For Cleaning A shiny, smooth glass splashback surface is very easy to be cleaned and kept hygienic at any given time of a day. They just need a quick wipe with a neat clean cloth or with the use of a mild cleaner. In comparison with the usage of tiles that are sure to have more dirt attracted, maintaining glass splashbacks becomes an automatic choice for a hygienic environment.

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Wide Variety of Design Options

The design options with mc graphics are limitless. They can vary from a simple graphics or to a complicated picture, or even your own photo, mc graphics will make it happen. You can supply your own picture, or choose from our database, our friendly designer will help you choose a satisfied one thousands of high-quality pictures or patterns in our database.

Resistance to Heat

All glass splashbacks from mc graphics are made using 5mm toughened glass with highly polished edges and are ideal for anywhere in the home, not just behind the hob. In kitchens, cooking for hours can produce heat and affect the walls. We used 5mm toughened glass, that when the glass splashback is exposed to heat on such occasions, it would be fine. It will not alter the quality of the splashback glass material. It helps to be more worry-free while happily working at your kitchen. The repair and maintenance in case of glass splashbacks are less when compared to traditional wall decoration methods.

Custom size and design

Our experienced staff can take an onsite measurement, to make sure the splashback will fit exactly your kitchen wall, even if there is power-point cut out on it.

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One-stop service

We manufacture, install, and deliver glass nationwide. Our processes produce durable, easy to clean glass pieces that do not fade over time (guaranteed not to fade for 10 years if installed indoors). We can arrange to fit your splashback and upstands at a time to suit you. Using our professional expertise and the best adhesive products available, we can guarantee a quality service and a perfect finish.

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